Sugar-free wild berry sorbet - The Sugar-Free Baker

A super healthy, super easy and super delicious sugar-free wild berry sorbet – just 3 ingredients and 73 calories per serving!

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I know berries don’t actually grow in winter. But imagine for a second icy raspberries and blueberries hanging heavy down from their bushes as you walk through a snow-covered forest. In my mind, at least, it’s a tranquil and serene image. Also, there is something strangely uplifting to have a fresh summer berry in winter time. It brings a certain atmosphere of spring slowly approaching. In this wild berry sorbet, I used a frozen wild berries mixture, but choose your favourite combination; it’ll be delicious either way.


Ingredients (for 8 wild berry sorbet servings)

300 grams or 10.6 oz. of wild berries

2 dl or 0.85 cups of water

250 grams or 8.8 oz. of FiberSirup Clear




Thaw the berries until juice starts seeping out of them, then blend them for approximately 2 minutes along with the water. Transfer the mixture to a jug and stir in the FiberSirup Clear.


Pour the wild berry sorbet mixture into your ice cream maker and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Freeze the wild berry sorbet until serving.


Sugar-free wild berry sorbet - The Sugar-Free Baker


This is one of my favourite winter desserts, although I do recommend it with a nice cup of something warm on the side 🙂


Sugar-free wild berry sorbet - The Sugar-Free Baker



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