Sugar-free orange sorbet - The Sugar-Free Baker

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Since I finally figured out how to make a really yummy sorbet with my lemon sorbet I really couldn’t help but try out a different flavour. Expect to see many, many more delicious sorbets for summer on the blog. This warm, lovely season is the perfect match for citrus fruits. There is just something about the breeze, the green on the trees and the laidback mentality that overcomes me, at least, that goes beautifully with juicy, succulent oranges. Great thing about this particular variety is that you don’t need to squeeze any juice yourself. Some of the sorbet water is simply replaced with orange juice, and what you end up with is a gorgeously coloured and equally gorgeously flavoured sorbet treat.


Sugar-free orange sorbet - The Sugar-Free Baker



250 grams or 8.8 oz. of FiberSirup Clear

3 dl or 1.3 cups of orange juice

1.2 dl or 0.5 cup of water



Stir FiberSirup Clear, orange juice and water together. Pour the orange sorbet mixture slowly into an ice cream maker, following the manufacturer’s instructions.



Once it’s done churning, freeze the orange sorbet for a couple of hours.


Sugar-free orange sorbet - The Sugar-Free Baker


Serve the orange sorbet with orange slices or some dark chocolate – a truly refreshing summer dessert 🙂


Sugar-free orange sorbet - The Sugar-Free Baker


PS! If you’re a diabetic, please be a bit careful with the amount of FiberSirup Clear in this recipe – there haven’t been enough tests done on the sweetener combination to conclude with a set GI yet (although they are certain it’s much, much lower than regular syrup) and I don’t want you to get a sudden blood sugar spike.

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