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I still remember the very first time I had a proper, American milkshake. I was on a road trip from New York to Charleston, visiting an older couple that sort of functioned as my adoptive grandparents across the lake. Anyway, on this 14-hour long trip or whatever it was, we stopped at a roadside diner and I ordered a milkshake. Now, don’t get me wrong; we definitely had milkshakes in Norway at the time. I’d just never actually tried one. When I told the cashier she couldn’t actually believe what I was saying, and the entire staff came around to watch me have a sip of an absolutely delicious chocolate milkshake. These yummy treats are unbelievably easy to make at home, and so I made two variants for this blog post: sugar-free chocolate milkshake, and sugar-free raspberry milkshake. It’s yum, yum, yum and perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.




2 x 60 ml or ¼ cup of whole milk (3,5%)

2 large scoops of my sugar-free chocolate ice cream (or a store-bought ice cream)

2 large scoops of my sugar-free raspberry ice cream (or a store-bought ice cream)


Whipping cream for topping






Whip the whipping cream if you’d like this as a topping.



Set the chocolate ice cream on the counter and allow it to soften slightly. Once the edges have started melting you’re good to go.



Combine the first round of milk and ice cream in a blender and mix for 5-10 seconds.



Pour the chocolate milkshake into a serving glass then repeat with the raspberry ice cream.


Sugar-free milkshake - The Sugar-Free Baker


Pipe a generous amount of whipped cream on top of the milkshakes and anjoy with lots of fresh raspberries and sugar-free chocolate for Sunday afternoon done right 🙂


Sugar-free milkshake - The Sugar-Free Baker

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