Sugar-free kiwi popsicles - The Sugar-Free Baker

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Ever had chocolate fondue with fruit? I discovered this dessert for the very first time at the One Red Dog restaurant in Wellington, New Zealand. It’s really, really simple, and yet very few restaurants offer this mouth-watering treat. All it is, is melted chocolate, chopped up fruit and some sticks for dipping that fruit into the chocolate. It is am-azing. And my absolute favourite is kiwi fruit. Kiwi fruit has this lovely, tangy flavour, which goes perfectly with melted chocolate. In this recipe, I decided to use that combination, but instead of hot chocolate, make kiwi popsicles. It’s so easy and the result is just delicious – a perfect overnight dessert for dinner or kids’ parties alike.




4 ripe kiwi fruits

1 dl or 0.4 cup of apple juice (unsweetened)

about 30 ml or 2 tablespoons of FiberSirup Clear


dark, sugar-free chocolate for coating




Peel the kiwi fruits and scrape out the pulp. Place this into your blender. Add the apple juice and FiberSirup Clear.



Blend together for about 20 seconds. You want to make sure you don’t over-blend – then the seeds from the kiwi fruits can make the popsicle base incredibly bitter.



Pour the kiwi popsicle base into popsicle moulds and place in the freezer overnight (about 5 hours should also do it).


Sugar-free kiwi popsicles - The Sugar-Free Baker


Melt the chocolate in a water bath. I recommend doing this in a thick, heat-proof glass if you want to actually dip the kiwi popsicles. I simply used a chopstick to coat mine with melted chocolate.



Sugar-free kiwi popsicles - The Sugar-Free Baker


Dip or decorate the kiwi popsicles. Enjoy out in the sun or under a blanket – the flavour combination is both refreshing and soothing all at once 🙂


Sugar-free kiwi popsicles - The Sugar-Free Baker

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