Funksjonell Mat AS was founded in 2007. Their goal is to offer innovative products that make it easier to lead a healthy lifestyle. All of their products are based on natural ingredients and are developed by themselves. The demand for Funksjonell Mat’s products has increased enormously and they’re now represented in most European countries, as well as in the US and Australia.

Here’s a list of all of Funksjonell Mat’s distributors, as well as their websites:


Damhert Nutrition develops and produces functional health products aimed at people with allergies and who want to live a healthier life. For more than 40 years they have been a leading company for healthy foods in Europe. Because of their popularity, Damhert now has a range of approximately 1000 different items and a fantastic collection of sugar-free products such as Tagatesse, biscuits, chocolate spreads and jams.

Here’s a link to Damhert’s webshop.


Sukrin USA is the only importer of Funksjonell Mat’s Sukrin products to the USA. Sukrin USA is dedicated to promoting high-quality food products making it easier for Americans to make healthier choices. The shop carries a large range of completely natural, zero calorie and low carb sugar substitutes. Furthermore, they offer gluten-free and fat reduced flours, both sugar and gluten free bake mixes and delicious, sugar-free chocolates.

Here is Sukrin USA’s webshop.


Yummers is a start-up business from Helsinki, Finland. Once up and running, the company’s app will connect hungry people with home chefs. It will be possible for both bloggers and food making-enthusiasts to post their creations via Yummers, and for people to pick up a slice of cake or serving of food at an affordable price. Yummers is a great initiative within the sharing economy, and ensures both less food wastage as well as putting strangers in touch with each other.

You can check out the Yummers website here. is a newly established informational and educational database aimed at dissecting what we’re actually eating, with a particular focus on sugar. The website publishes regular posts, commenting on and investigating topics like sugar addiction, corporate funding of ‘independent’ associations for sugar research, and fructose as a sugar substitute. Uten Sukker is completely independent and the women behind the site work pro bono.

Have a look at their website here.